MPV Naza Citra Rondo 2.0L

January 29, 2009

If you wish to know more about Naza Citra Rondo… pls click below

internationally known as Kia Rondo

other good review ans  forums collections  read this first

Sabah Price

Naza Citra Rondo 2.0L RM 86,567.60
Engine Type DOHC CVVT
MPV Family Car (8 Seater)
Available Colour In Black And Silver

nice leather seat…

with air bag and disc brake!!!

multipkle bed  size

2.0L engine bay

standard VDU with 220km/h

Model EXs auto climate control and semi auto gear lever…

Mdel EX Dash board … but note that the climate control is manual


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MPV Nissan Grand Livina

January 27, 2009


If you wish to know more about Nissan Grand Livina… pls click below

look at the video!!!

Pricelist: – sabah 

Nissan Grand Livina 1.6 Manual – Rm87,800

Nissan Grand Livina 1.6 Auto – Rm91,300
Nissan Grand Livina 1.8 Auto – Rm104,600

1.6(M)/1.6(A)/1.8(A)/full loan for all govt servant.we accept trade in.

enjoy the pics…


rear seat with head rest or not?


the murano looks 

family caar with 220 km/h


free motel, bring your pillow and sheet… better than tune hotel


can fit family of 7 with small dog only…

tyre Goodyear Eagle NCT5

September 15, 2008

i looking forward to replace my front tyre. However rear  are still in good condition. My front tyre alignment is very bad did not notice it until it is to late.

currently using NCT5. very good handling on dry but not so good on wet road.

Goodyear Eagle NCT5
Rating for the Goodyear Eagle NCT5 is 6.26.

  • Executive – Goodyear Eagle NCT5
  • Environmentally friendly tyre
  • Latest development and manufacturing techniques to optimise use of energy and resources
  • Silica-based tread compound allows a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5%
  • Reductions in CO2 emissions
  • Lasts up to 25% longer giving more kilometres for your money
  • Speed index: H, V, W
  • Available profiles: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70

I am wondering if any other brand is available that perform better than NCT5?

brand Dunlop, Michelin, Continental, Hankook etc?

looking for long life and less noise.

new honda city

September 13, 2008

info from:-

lot of pictures

enjoy the view…

update on proton

August 8, 2008

nope ….

no new paint pics  yet

however this is another view of the car taken at our first offcial visit to the apartment with the kids…

the apartment is for renting purpose…

car – nice chrome & nice 15″ rims on 195/50R15 82V tyre…

mr. proton

August 7, 2008

just to put into record… painted my red proton…

the original proton saga

the original proton saga

new colour to be updated once repainting is done

please feel free to guess….

you will be rewarded with a wallpaper picture of my  newly painted proton saga…

happy guessing…